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The subcontractor agrees to accept email, as a method by which Pegasus can communicate business requirements and orders as Pegasus acknowledges email as a method by which the subcontractor communicates business requirements also. All communication, using this method, will be sent to the email address supplied by the subcontractor.
It is accepted and agreed by both parties to this contract that clients introduced to the subcontractor by Pegasus or invoiced by the subcontractor via Pegasus, shall not be approached directly or indirectly to arrange or conclude separate agreements. All orders between clients and the subcontractor will include the concurrence of Pegasus prior to any understanding.
Reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by the subcontractor are to be payable by Pegasus, and to be invoiced by Pegasus to the Customer. Please see Terms and Conditions.
To ensure high levels of quality Pegasus has performance guarantees and reduced payment obligations with its customers for the rare event that quality standards are not achieved. Pegasus expects full time employees and subcontractors to meet or exceed our quality standards. Any evaluation or quality score that falls below agreed levels of acceptability may incur financial penalties.
The subcontractor’s attention is drawn to the Data Protection Act 1998. Any data relating to living individuals whether or not employed by Pegasus which is processed or held by the Subcontractor in the course of Pegasus’ business must be regarded as confidential here. It must not be disclosed to any unauthorised person or used for any purpose for which its use is not registered under the above Act .

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