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What we Do

Pegasus is a value acceleration engine operating globally and headquartered in EMEAR. We specialize in full stack digital transformation services that empower businesses to optimize technology investments across the stack. We add value by designing, developing, implementing and connecting applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API-led approach.

Successful businesses of all sizes need an IT architecture that is ready to respond to accelerating requirements. Many IT organisations are not ready to deliver the performance and agility that end users and the business require. Pegasus offers full stack digital transformation services.

How We are Different

Pegasus puts client needs first by caring about, understanding and then solving the major technical and business challenges of your organization. We do not re-sell licenses and instead prioritize extending the value of your existing investments. We work with leading technology vendors to build out Centers of Excellence around their specific propositions. Clients and vendors alike benefit from the collective wisdom our Centers of Excellence builds and the reach of our network.

Pegasus is a digital transformation organization that fundamentally understands business. We do not re-sell licenses instead focusing on the client’s business model without conflict of interest. We work with numerous vendors to build Centres of Excellence around specific propositions. This means we put clients needs not a technology portfolio first. Clients and vendors also benefit from the collective wisdom our Centers of Excellence generate and the reach of our network.

The Digital transformation market is mostly made up of country based companies or Global System Integrators. One lacks scale and the other mind share. Pegasus is a regional provider of digital transformation services across EMEAR, LATAM, APJC. Pegasus is big enough to deliver and small enough to cate.

Post Sales Services

Big Enough to Deliver
Small Enough to Care

Technology and Vendor Centers of Excellence

Multi-Lingual Engineering Teams

Established for
over 20 Years

Internal Service Practices
for All Needs


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How We work

We are problem solvers at heart who provide businesses and vendors with the ability to implement, integrate, optimize and train on leading digital transformation technologies. With over 104 qualified business process specialists, engineers and software developers, Pegasus delivers key business outcomes while reducing costs. We provide full lifecycle services from audit and assessments through to recommendations, delivery and documentation, and post delivery services.

Pegasus delivers a forward looking, business centric digital transformation proposition that includes services and software. With dedicated and local project managers, we apply best practice project management principles to all our projects. We speak open and candidly, focus on problem solving, and leverage the most up to date methodology and systems to successfully deliver projects on time and in budget.

Our Values

The question we ask ourselves every day is "How can we empower good people with great technology to scale?" We are always looking for partners, colleagues and clients who share our vision, values and passion and who want to discuss interesting projects, approaches and business problems.

We believe in:
  • Integrity: that people should do what they say they are going to do
  • Innovation: in leaving things better than when we got them
  • People: that good people with great tools can do amazing things
  • Dependability: in delivering what we said we were going to deliver
  • Partnership: that people achieve more when they work together

Enterprise Services

All businesses are involved in digital transformation projects. Driven by business need and mapped to your business model, Pegasus can help you reduce costs, boost productivity, and enhance performance. Pegasus designs, develops, implements, and optimizes complex business and IT systems for some of the largest, established and most dynamic organizations.


Vendor Services

Pegasus provides branded and white label post-sales services solutions for technology vendors looking to extend their geographical reach. We build centers of excellence around vendor technologies that allow global scale across key services lines without adding to headcount and maintaining operational simplicity.



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