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As a truly global company we respect cultures and value differences. We are strong believers in team work and knowledge sharing. Our business model is built upon the idea that you cannot succeed alone. We actively seek trainers and consultants who, like us, love to use the most cutting edge technologies and who have a personal commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach to work. Get in touch today if you share our value and our approach.

We are always looking to grow our team and so please reach out to us and say hi.
With great people, together, we can go a long way.

Soft Skills Trainers

  • Experience with different facilitation techniques
  • Formal or informal experience as a trainer/facilitator
  • Motivational attitude
  • A solid understanding of training evaluation process
  • Strong presentation skills

Technical Trainer

  • Strong subject matter expertise in the areas you train in
  • Experience in technical course delivery
  • An ability to use multiple knowledge transfer techniques including white boarding
  • Certified in relevant vendor technologies

Software Developer

  • Expertise in current computer hardware and software
  • Ability to use one or more development languages (Ruby on Rails)
  • Eye for detail
  • Analytical and commercial experience
  • Logical, analytical and creative approach to problems

Beatriz Reis

Beatriz Reis

"After so many years of theory and books, my experience at Pegasus allowed me to grow up and experience a productive and exciting work environment, challenging myself to reach real business goals for the first time in my life. I started this experience thinking I was “only” going to test my knowledge on Marketing and I ended up growing a panoply of new skills in project management, communication, IT, CRM and many more. The team trusted me and gave me hard work and responsibilities from day 1, always making sure I would be leaving this internship feeling like a true professional, capable of conquering the world - and, for that, I cannot thank them enough!"

Aleksander Bakracevic

Aleksander Bakracevic

"I was a little bit nervous about my internship but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel comfortable. My lack of experience was not an issue and they developed my enthusiasm and interest in marketing. They involved me in a variety of projects and trusted me as part of the team. My ability to be a productive member of the team would not be possible without excellent mentoring offered to me by the team. For this I am grateful. My time at Pegasus made it possible for me to quickly find a job on my return home and so I can say that my internship changed my life."

Claudia Filpes

Claudia Filpes

"My experience here has stood out from the crowd for the amount of opportunities I have had to get involved in real company critical projects. I’ve benefitted greatly from involvement across the organization from finance, to marketing, to sales. During my marketing internship the area that has interested me most is how to convey technology benefits to non-technical audiences. Get that right and the business grows! Throughout my time I’ve been treated as an equal and valued colleague. Pegasus helped me to find out in which direction I want to go for my future career. Thank you so much Claudia, Will, Juan and Chris for making my time so precious!"

Claudia Neiva

Claudia Neiva

“I joined Pegasus with limited professional experience. Before my internship I really didn't have much work experience and so I felt a little nervous on my first day. My nervous quickly disappeared as the team helped me settle in quickly. After an induction fortnight they put me to work. I was responsible for several research projects within the sales, marketing, and operations functions. Pegasus has been a great stepping stone. I arrived looking to improve my English and to experience the ‘world of work’ but I left having a much clearer view of what I like (and don’t like) and what I should focus on. Thank you Will, Claudia, and Juan!"

Marta Rodriguez

Marta Rodriguez

“When I arrived at Pegasus they assigned me six small marketing projects. I liked being given responsibility. I quickly learnt time management and communication skills and feel more employable now. I also fulfilled many different supporting functions from finance administration to market research. This experience gave me a broader and more subtle understanding of how business works. I felt supported throughout my time there. I’m glad I chose Pegasus. Thank you!.”

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