Pegasus values initiative, ambition and humility

Our team blends the most experienced in the industry with the newest and freshest talent available and yet we all share the same values and attitude towards our work. We believe that being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company constantly seek to grow and expand our network and our team with likeminded people

Our History

Pegasus was founded in 2003. Initially a training and consultancy business, we developed into a global business that designs, develops, implements, and optimizes complex business and IT systems. Initially working as a white label professional services business with Data Center, Cloud, and Infrastructure giants Cisco and Netapp, in 2010 Pegasus extended its reach and remit. Pegasus extended its vendor partner ecosystem to enable us to specialise in complex systems automation & orchestration for IT environments, built on a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud fabric and enabled by a Software Defined Data Center. This specialism opened the door for more complex and more challenging projects.

More recently Pegasus merged with Clockworx, a company focused on the orchestration of business applications. Clockworx offers a highly configurable, highly customizable, and multi-lingual orchestration solution suitable for multi stage, multi-site and complex business process environments. The coming together of the two businesses enables Pegasus to deliver full stack digital transformation projects for mid-sized companies to enterprises in all major business geographies and languages.

The Team

Claudia Lima
Claudia LimaCo-Founder, COO
Claudia, MIEE, CEng, BSc (Hons), is an engineer at heart with over 25 years in Data Centre and Cloud Innovation roles. Since graduating with a 1st Class Honours degree in Electrical Engineering, she has successfully managed companies in Brazil, England, and continental Europe. Having previously worked with EMC, Netapp, and Cisco, Claudia has been acknowledged numerous times for excellence having won ‘External Trainer of the Year 2008’ and ‘Project of the Year’ for her work in the storage and UCS fields respectively. Claudia leads our Multi-cloud consulting team and works very closely with leading vendors on solution enhancements as well as complex design and implementation projects.
Christopher Caruk
Christopher CarukCo-Founder, CTO
From his earliest projects with 'Northern Telecom' and 'Microtel Pacific Research', Chris helped to establish the technical foundations for today's internet. Having diversified and cemented his technical portfolio in a history of leadership roles spanning 30 years, Chris now focuses his time on business technology strategy. Most recently Chris has been involved with a multi Petabyte archive of data relating to People, Places, & Organizations within Africa and the Middle East. When not leading from the front, Chris can be found ‘automating’ his house.
Will Cass
Will CassDirector
Will, BA, MBA, fISM, CMgr, works alongside company leadership as a Director. Having previously worked as a Sales Enablement Consultant Wil has implemented successful pipeline generation, channel enablement projects for New Relic, Cisco, and Dell to name 3. More recently he was a finalist for Business Development Manager of the Year with the British Excellence in Sales Management Awards. Will now takes responsibility for Pegasus Go-to-Market. When not working Will, a recent father, has previously stood for Parliament in the UK and takes an active interest in philosophy and travel.
Marcelo Soares
Marcelo SoaresSenior Consultant
As a virtualization and container master, Marcelo has been awarded the prestigious vExpert award 6 times. His particular specialization lies in container management with Kubernetes, logic virtual machine management with vCenter, and the design and implementation of complex virtualized environments. When not working, Marcelo is the father of two and can be found BBQing or blogging about Vmware.
Ricardo Pipa
Ricardo PipaSenior Consultant
Ricardo started his career over 30 years ago with data communications projects before moving into diverse technologies from data center to security. Ricardo has been designing, delivering, and supporting advanced solutions in consulting and training roles with Pegasus for over 5 years. When not working, Ricardo can be found enjoying time with his family and looking for new and interesting places to visit.
Alain Veuve
Alain VeuveSenior Consultant
Alain has extensive experience in data storage, network engineering, virtualisation and DevOps. A passionate Engineer and people person, Alain is always learning and looking for new technology to work and play with, Alain has maintained his natural curiosity over his entire career. He has worked as a senior Storage, network and Virtualization Consultant for over 20 years and now works with Pegasus in a Consulting and training capacity. When not working, Alain enjoys spending time with his family and travelling.
Anton Argirov
Anton ArgirovSenior Software Developer
Anton is a php/ruby/python developer with over 15 years experience. His wider knowledge includes an excellent understanding of the lower levels of the OS as well as Java and Go. Most recently Anton has taken a technology lead within Clockworx for the delivery and innovation of our core products and solutions.
Sergey Nezymaev
Sergey NezymaevSenior Software Developer
Sergey is a problem solver at heart. As a Ruby on Rails developer he was worked with us on some of our more complex projects and is also proficient in Java/JS/PHP. He has extensive experience integrating various systems for large enterprises as has recently worked on projects for FedEx, UPS, USPS, PayPal and Strip.IO. An accomplished professional Sergey when not working spends as much time as possible with his family.
Mubeen Wahab
Mubeen WahabIT Manager
Mubeen has over 15 years experience in IT Support and Infrastructure management roles. Mubeen currently holds an MSc in Project Management and works closely with Clockworx leadership to ensure our infrastructure is on the bleeding edge of technology with the deployment of containers, advanced security monitoring solutions as well as kubernetes clusters
Andreas Mouzakis
Andreas MouzakisCustomer Success Specialist
Business Development Manager operating as a point of contact and manager of client and partner relationships. Capable of working with multiple departments within the organization including Sales, Technology, Marketing, Resourcing, and Operations. It’s all about getting the job done after all! I focus on increasing sustainable and provable value for customers and pride myself on being a point of contact for frictionless partnership and scale. A core part of my role is to plot a path forward between client and vendor needs on the one hand and our global capabilities on the other. As the voice of the customer within the business, I contribute to ensuring that we and our clients stay strategically and technologically aligned.
Sara Malavolti
Sara MalavoltiDigital Transformation Specialist
Sara, BA, MA, re-joined Pegasus for her second spell with the company in 2017. She works closely with client, software development, and domain subject matter experts to develop bespoke software applications. An intellectual and detail orientated configuration and automation consultant, Sara is literate in both business process and workflow development on the one hand and software configuration on the other. When not working, Sara watches movies and enjoys travelling.
Martyna Kostrowicka
Martyna KostrowickaDigital Transformation Executive
Martyna is a team player, an engineer and a problem solver by nature. Her big passion is working with creative people to try and figure out how technology can solve difficult problems from climate change to workforce productivity. She is constantly finding ways to improve existing tools as well as coming up with new ways of doing old things! When she isn't working Martyna likes to relax by skating and riding her beloved motorcycle along the east coast of Portugal.
Edmar Santana
Edmar SantanaSoftware & Systems Integration Executive
Edmar, is always focused on self-improvement. Having studied and worked in the UK, Edmar cut his teeth in the business with Ladbrokes and Moody’s Analytics where he worked as a Customer Service Manager and Foreign Investment Researcher respectively. More recently he has worked with various software providers operating in manufacturing. When not working, Edmar is a keen sportsman, podcast listener and enjoys spending time with his family.
Erifili Kastanioti
Erifili KastaniotiProject Success Executive
Erifili joined Pegasus through the graduate program and works in an operational capacity. Her attention to detail and dedication to her projects has seen Erifili work closely with HR, scheduling, and project success activities. A solid and highly dependable professional, when not working Erifili enjoys cooking and visiting her beloved Greece. Her real passion is for Argentine tango.
Rita Azevedo
Rita AzevedoFinance Administrator
Rita has over 14 years’ experience working across the finance function having worked in Accounts Payable/Receivable, Income Processing and now Bookkeeping. She previously worked in the UK public and university sectors before returning to Portugal. She now works out of the Lisbon office. When not working Rita likes to spend time with her family, travel, read and exercise body and mind.

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