4 Country Observations from a Global Sales Enablement Guy

By: William Cass Tuesday, 26 July 2016 Sales Enablement

The world is full of differences. That’s what makes working on global sales enablement programs great. It’s also what makes global/regional account management difficult. The sales context, sales cycle, and the technology concerns and preferences of customers in different geographies are very different. One size does definitely not fit all.

I’ve recently concluded a cloud positioning program that covered many elements of the strategic cloud advisor role. Below, are my reflections on a couple of the non-European countries I visited. I am not suggesting they are best practice, but they do shed light on the view of re-sellers and system integrators in different geographies. 



Bandwidth is still relatively expensive in Kenya. Many corporate customers appear to be delaying WAN intensive application and solution deployments. Some VARs I spoke to were seeing success positioning intelligent WAN prioritization devices as part of mobility and video conversations.


Saudi Arabia

The case for public cloud, they say, is undermined locally by a perception that ownership equals control, security concerns, and the relatively lower opex costs of on-prem. Local VARs mentioned seeing success discussing the elasticity and burst benefits of cloud and offsetting customer objections with an inter cloud solution.



Brazilian organizations are taking an evolutionary approach to adopting cloud based IT models. SaaS is driving the pace although IaaS & PaaS are growing markets. Local system integrators felt there was room for growth for migrating from on-premise deployments to the fast emerging PaaS market.



Russian cloud based services market lag behinds Western Europe. I predict cloud computing in Russia will follow the same path as telephony. By that I mean jump from legacy straight to massive mobile penetration bypassing the capital intensive landline stage. Hosted to go BIG in next few years.


Being part of such different discussions enable me to cross pollenate success stories and sales approaches. Perspective really does make a difference. When deep dive local knowledge is needed, one of my local colleagues can help. 

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