Advanced Technology Services

 Advanced Technology Services

The modus operandi of business and IT organizations is changing. Technology has become an enabler and an integral part of business decision making. IT now drives company market competitiveness and innovation through digital transformation. To develop, enhance and optimise digital transformation projects, organizations need access to dedicated and experienced professionals and project teams..

Pegasus has been on the cutting edge of new technologies for over 20 years and has been part of its evolution and transformation. Our Advanced Technology services accelerates the value these technologies promise. We can do this because our engineering teams have extensive in-field experience, backed by the most recent vendor technologies certifications across 5 core technology areas: Multi-Cloud, Collaboration, Cyber Security and Software Defined Data Centre and Orchestrated Management solutions.

Most business now run applications in more than one cloud. With multi-cloud adoption growing amongst organizations, who rely on their mission critical applications to enable their business, a clear multi-cloud strategy and the resources to execute it is key. Both hybrid and similar clouds implementations have big challenges. Pegasus has helped organizations solve numerous challenges including: understanding their workloads and elasticity requirements, increasing visibility across clouds as well as the simplification of cost management. Pegasus works closely with Cisco, Dell EMC, VMware, Docker, AWS, Azure, and others to ensure our engineers are able to advise on best of breed solutions.

The way we interact and communicate in business and in personal life has seen a major revolution. To increase competitiveness, organizations are leveraging multiple collaboration tools and applications to improve staff productivity and customer experience. Pegasus’ engineers have a rich history of implementing unified communications, customer care, collaboration endpoints, and contact centres from Cisco, Polycom, RingCentral, Microsoft and others.

Cyber Security
Security has moved from a ‘basement to a boardroom conversation’. With a growing number of attack vectors and rising number of vendors in the marketplace, companies are struggling to make sense of how best to protect their businesses. Pegasus engineers have specialized in-depth expertise and proven knowledge in the essential areas of proactive cyber threat detection and mitigation. Our vendor partnerships include, Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, VMware and Fortinet.

Software Defined Data Centre
SDDC uses virtualization to decouple the data centre infrastructure from its underlying structure, to be able to deliver resources and functionalities as a service. Intelligent software manages SDDC environment to provide operations simplicity, agility in IT services delivery, minimize risk and increase high availability and reduce costs. This shift in IT requires both a different skills and mind set. Pegasus engineers are fully conversant in infrastructure programmability, full-stack integrated solutions, policy-based automation right down to the lowest level of their infrastructure.

Orchestration and Management Solutions
IT systems have become more and more complex to the point where the business need for orchestrated management solutions become a critical business requirement. These solutions minimise risk, enable the achievement of SLAs and ensure that an organization complies with industry regulations and standards. Pegasus professionals understand these challenges.
Our wide knowledge of optimized, automation- ready, self-provisioning, customizable solutions can address IT and business needs by improving resource utilization, application performance, policy and cost control through the adoption of management and orchestration solutions,

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