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How to speak the same language with your clients?

Forging a strong human connection is key to good customer support and long-term client retention. Partnering with Pegasus can help.

Partnering up for real connection

Forging a strong human connection is key to good customer support and long-term client retention. Partnering with Pegasus can help.

If the covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that humans really value face-to-face communication. When it’s taken away, we find ourselves struggling a bit to make sense of just about everything.

For businesses that have pivoted to remote delivery and support, such as software vendors, this causes something of a conundrum. On the one hand, now more than ever, people are craving connection. On the other, there are a lot of very good reasons to limit travel to client sites now and in the future. In fact, even before covid, decreasing business travel for environmental concerns was already factoring into many companies’ social responsibilities. Mass uptake of remote working during the pandemic made it clear just how much of an impact work travel has on the environment.

But when it comes to technical deployments, there are some aspects that are just done best in person. Client training, field engineering, and even the research and discovery phase are all usually best performed on-site. Even when those clients are in different regions of the world. There’s a way to do that without

● Travelling unnecessarily
● Adding more people to your payroll, or
● Upskilling staff with one-time-use, regional knowledge.

Share the work

Partnering with technical services centers of excellence (CoE), like Pegasus allows vendors to provide a personal, up-close service to distant clients. Pegasus is already there. We have regional hubs across the world, strategically situated to deliver partner services into emerging and other fast-growing digital markets. Our physical presence in these areas means we can be there on your behalf.

A CoE allows you to trust that your own post-sales services can be delivered to a top standard while leveraging proximity to clients as well as local knowledge. We can provide you with premium expertise in direct customer support, from project consulting to development to troubleshooting:

● Field engineering
● Development & integration
● System and technical training
● Residency programs
And more…

Add skills without overheads

But Pegasus is more than just boots on the ground. Yes, we are present in places you may not be able to go right now, which is handy given the state of world travel. But when the world opens back up, will you be ready to conduct business in other global regions? Do you have regional knowledge, and an understanding of business customs? Do you have staff who speak the local language? If not, you may be missing out on more than you realize.

We all know that poor customer service loses us, clients. But even good customer service that the client can’t understand is going to be a problem. Speaking the client’s native language makes a substantial difference in customer retention. And that’s for both in-person and remote customer support. Fully 29% of software vendors have lost customers just because of language barriers.

On the flip side, 70% of clients report feeling loyalty to technology brands that do provide multilingual support in their language. So there’s a big incentive to figure out how to talk to your clients in their own language.

Get everyone to speak the same language

When you’ve got a product-like software that is deployed truly globally, attempting to hire staff who can keep pace with every market is going to be tricky. One week you may have a product deployment in Turkey, the next week, Nigeria, and a month later, Argentina. Instead of expecting your clients to deal with the language your staff work in, you can partner with a technical CoE that speaks the language.

Pegasus’s team members are multilingual and multi-talented. We pool expertise in software development and integration, tech strategy, corporate training, and field engineering to deliver top-quality vendor services for our partners on-site and remotely, white-labeled or branded, speaking both the client’s literal language and their business language.

You can create those personal connections everywhere your technology is used. At a time when “remote” is the big buzzword, you can get close without compromising social responsibility. And through partnerships with Pegasus CoE you can do it without adding operational complexity, headcount, or other overheads to your balance sheet.

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